5,000 Pieces 10,000 Pieces 15,000 Pieces 20,000 Pieces 25,000 Pieces 30,000 Pieces 35,000 Pieces 40,000 Pieces Complete!

The Puzzle Disaster

Guinness World Record

Over 500 hours of video is currently being processed and prepared for Guinness World Records.

Help for Heroes

After this jigsaw has been displayed at Sandringham Estate the puzzle will be auctioned off to raise money for Help for Heroes. Help for Heroes co-founders said "We are delighted to accept such a unique and record-breaking donation."

More about Jigsaw Cutting

If you like the way I cut and would like to learn more why not have a look at my DVD "Cutting the Victory Way".

Limited Edition Puzzle

The puzzle will soon go on display at Sandringham Palace. My next project will be to create a limited edition 1000 piece A1 jigsaw with a DVD of the record attempt. This will be limited to just 100 puzzles! They will be sold on a 1st come basis so please let me know if you are interested as soon as possible.

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