How Many Does Ella Toone Have Her Tattoo? Meanings And Designs

In the vibrant world of soccer, moments of celebration often transcend the field and make a significant impact beyond the game. Such is the case with Ella Toone, an English football sensation playing for Manchester United and the England women’s national team.

A recent goal celebration during the FIFA Women’s World Cup against Australia catapulted her into the spotlight, igniting curiosity about the meaning behind her striking tattoo.

The Viral Celebration: Ella Toone’s Moment of Fame

1. Catching the World’s Attention

Ella Ann Toone, a rising star in English soccer, captured the media’s and fans’ attention with a mesmerizing goal celebration. The celebration involved the attacking midfielder kissing her wrist and forming a heart shape with her hands, a gesture that instantly became a topic of discussion and intrigue.

2. A Pre-Planned Gesture with Deeper Significance

In an interview prior to the World Cup tournament, Toone shared the backstory behind her celebrated goal ritual. She revealed that the gesture was intricately tied to a tattoo she and her friends had acquired before the event. The promise she made to her friends was to kiss the tattoo and form a heart shape with her hands every time she scored a goal.

Unraveling Ella Toone’s Tattoo Mystery

3. The Enigma of Ella Toone’s Tattoos

With the electrifying goal celebration, curiosity surged about Ella Toone’s tattoo and its meaning. The iconic gesture raised questions about the design, the number of tattoos, and their deeper symbolism.

4. The Tattoo Count

Ella Toone has at least two tattoos, as revealed in an interview with ELLE UK. A spontaneous decision inspired by a game she played with her teammate Alessia Russo led to the acquisition of these tattoos.

Decoding the Meaning Behind the Ink

5. The Heartfelt Bond

While details about Ella Toone’s tattoos’ designs and meanings remain largely undisclosed, the heart tattoo on her wrist is a key element. The heart symbolizes the profound friendship between Ella and Alessia, a connection that transcends the soccer field.

6. A Symbolic Celebration

Ella’s goal celebration, marked by the act of kissing her wrist and forming a heart, is a symbolic tribute to her friends. The gesture represents the bond, love, and camaraderie she shares with her closest companions.

Ella Toone’s Physical Presence

7. A Striking Appearance

Beyond the tattoos and the soccer pitch, Ella Toone possesses a distinctive physical presence. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing approximately 57 kilograms, her lean and agile stature contributes to her prowess as a midfielder.


8. The Whole Package

Ella’s blue eyes, light brown hair, and radiant smile further enhance her remarkable appearance. Her physical attributes, coupled with her exceptional speed and technical skills, contribute to her excellence as a soccer player for both Manchester United W.F.C. and the English national teams.


The viral goal celebration that catapulted Ella Toone into the limelight speaks volumes about her personality, her values, and her cherished friendships. While the specifics of her tattoos’ designs remain a mystery, the heart tattoo on her wrist and the symbolic gesture during her goal celebrations underscore the importance of camaraderie and connections beyond the field. Ella Toone’s tattoo isn’t just ink on her skin; it’s a representation of the love, bonds, and memories she holds close to her heart.


1. What was the goal celebration that made Ella Toone famous?

Ella Toone gained attention for kissing her wrist and forming a heart shape with her hands during a goal celebration against Australia in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

2. What is the significance of Ella Toone’s wrist tattoo?

Ella’s wrist tattoo holds a special meaning related to her friends and represents the strong bond she shares with them.

3. How many tattoos does Ella Toone have?

Ella Toone has at least two tattoos, as mentioned in an interview. However, specific details about the designs are not readily available.

4. What inspired Ella Toone’s goal celebration?

Ella Toone’s goal celebration was inspired by a pre-planned promise she made to her friends. She vowed to kiss her tattoo and form a heart shape with her hands whenever she scored a goal.

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