Everything About Jess Grimson, Maia Bouchier Partner

In the realm of sports, partnerships often extend beyond the field, creating stories of camaraderie and inspiration that captivate fans worldwide. The duo of Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson exemplifies this dynamic, with a shared passion for athletics and a commitment to making a positive impact.

As two-time Commonwealth Games beach volleyball athlete Jess Grimson joins forces with English cricketer Maia Bouchier, their journey becomes a tale of dedication, love, and using their platform to create change.

A Journey Through Athletic Excellence

1. From Soccer to Volleyball

Jess Grimson, an esteemed figure in the world of volleyball, originally had her sights set on a soccer scholarship in the USA. However, a pivotal moment shifted her trajectory at the age of 13. Encouraged by her innovative physical education teacher, Grimson stepped onto the volleyball court and never looked back.

2. The ‘Secret Gangster’ of Volleyball

Grimson’s presence on the court is marked by her distinct style, often seen as a self-proclaimed ‘secret gangster.’ Her trademark braided hair before games is a testament to her unique and bold personality.

Maia Bouchier: Cricket and Courage

3. A Rising Cricket Star

Maia Bouchier, an English cricketer making waves in the world of sports, is known for her prowess in both batting and bowling. Representing Hampshire, Southern Vipers, and Southern Brave, Bouchier’s right-handed batting and occasional right-arm medium pace bowling showcase her versatility on the cricket field.

4. Stepping onto the International Stage

In September 2021, Bouchier made her international debut for the England women’s cricket team. Her rapid rise in the cricketing world is a testament to her talent and dedication.

The Power of Love and Athletes Making a Difference

5. Partners on and off the Field

Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson’s relationship is a blend of passion for sports and a shared vision for change. Their journey began at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where they found not only love but also a common goal to use their platform for promoting equality.

6. Inspiring Visibility

As a same-sex couple, Bouchier and Grimson are committed to being visible role models. Their visibility holds significance, especially for those grappling with their identities and seeking positive role models.

7. Love Beyond Boundaries

Residing in Bournemouth, the duo balances their athletic careers with a committed relationship. Jess’s role as a sports therapist and Maia’s representation of Southern Vipers and England takes them across the country.

The Unspoken Chapters of History

8. A Private Love Story

Maia Bouchier’s dating history remains private, as she chooses not to share specific details about her past relationships. Her heart now belongs to Jess Grimson, with their love story igniting at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

9. A Message of Acceptance

In their own words, Maia and Jess convey the importance of embracing one’s true self, regardless of whom they love. Their love story symbolizes the power of acceptance, becoming a beacon of hope for those seeking a positive narrative.



The partnership of Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson goes beyond sports statistics; it’s a tale of determination, love, and creating change. With their accomplishments on the field and their commitment to being role models, they embody the essence of true athletes who use their influence for the greater good. As they continue to inspire and uplift, their journey serves as a reminder that love, dedication, and unity can spark positive transformations, both in sports and in life.


1. How did Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson meet?

Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson met at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and began dating shortly thereafter.

2. What do Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson do for a living?

Jess Grimson works as a sports therapist, while Maia Bouchier is an English cricketer representing Hampshire, Southern Vipers, and Southern Brave.

3. Why are Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson praised for their relationship?

Maia and Jess are praised for their visibility as a same-sex couple in the sports world, using their platform to promote equality and acceptance.

4. How do Maia and Jess view their relationship’s significance?

They view their visibility as essential for individuals who lack role models to look up to, and they aim to inspire others to embrace their true selves.

5. What message do Maia Bouchier and Jess Grimson convey through their relationship?

They convey that embracing one’s true self is acceptable, regardless of who they love, and that their love story serves as a beacon of acceptance and hope.

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