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Nic Naitanui’s journey as a former Australian footballer has captivated the hearts of sports enthusiasts. Beyond his accomplishments on the field, his family and personal life have intrigued fans. Join us as we delve into the life of Nic Naitanui, his twin brother, his family, and the love he shares with his partner.

Nic Naitanui: A Football Icon

1. A Glimpse into His Origins

Born on May 4, 1990, in Penrith, New South Wales, Nic Naitanui’s trajectory as a professional Australian footballer began with immense promise.

2. The West Coast Eagles Connection

Naitanui’s remarkable presence was felt as he played for the West Coast Eagles club of AFL, contributing to the team’s endeavors since 2009.

3. A Young Football Prodigy

Even at the tender age of nine, Nic Nat, as he’s affectionately known, displayed his passion for the sport. His journey in football began early and paved the way for his future success.

4. Education and Football

From Midvale Primary School to Governor Stirling Senior High School, Naitanui’s commitment to education and football went hand in hand, shaping his skills and character.

5. Ruckman Extraordinaire

Selected by the West Coast Eagles in the 2008 AFL draft, Naitanui’s prowess as a ruckman on the field set him apart in the game.

6. All-Australian Excellence

Naitanui’s exceptional performances in AFL earned him a well-deserved spot as a first-choice ruckman in the All-Australian team.

The Twin Bond: Mark Naitanui

7. The Supportive Twin Brother

Nic Naitanui’s life is intertwined with that of his twin brother, Mark Naitanui. The two share an unbreakable bond and have supported each other since childhood.

8. Childhood Memories

Growing up, Nic and Mark played football and basketball together. Raised by a single mother, they were independent and disciplined, traits that shaped their characters.

9. A Tribute to Brotherhood

During Nic’s 200th game against Adelaide in 2021, Mark paid an emotional tribute to his talented brother, highlighting their childhood and their mother’s influence.

10. Family and Pride

Mark’s tribute revealed the deep connection the brothers shared, emphasizing the pride their late mother would feel watching Nic’s achievements.

Naitanui’s Family and Origins

11. Family Heritage

Nic Naitanui’s family heritage traces back to the Suvavou village of Suva, Fiji. His parents, Bola and Atetha Naitanui, migrated to Australia, leaving their elder children in Fiji.

12. A Challenging Journey

Tragedy struck when Nic and Mark were just two years old, as their father passed away from Cancer. Their mother, Atetha, brought them to Perth, Western Australia, with her brother’s support.

13. A Strong Mother’s Legacy

Atetha Naitanui’s unwavering dedication led her to work multiple jobs, demonstrating her commitment to her children’s well-being.


14. Coping with Loss

The Naitanui family faced another blow when Atetha unexpectedly passed away in 2015. Despite the challenges, Nic, Mark, and their elder siblings, Georgie and Laisani, persevered.

Love and Partnerships

15. A Blossoming Love

Nic Naitanui’s love life blossomed with his partner, Brittany Brown. Their engagement in August 2022 marked a new chapter in their relationship.

16. A Growing Family

The couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in October 2022. Their joyous announcement of expecting their second child showcases their excitement for a growing family.


Nic Naitanui’s journey, both on and off the field, encapsulates determination, resilience, and love. From his bond with his twin brother Mark to his family’s strength through adversity, Naitanui’s story is one of inspiration and unity.


1. What is Nic Naitanui known for?

Nic Naitanui is known for his exceptional career as a former professional Australian footballer who played for the West Coast Eagles.

2. Who is Nic Naitanui’s twin brother?

Nic Naitanui’s twin brother is Mark Naitanui, who shares a close and supportive bond with Nic.

3. How did Nic Naitanui’s father pass away?

Nic and Mark Naitanui’s father passed away from Cancer when they were just two years old.

4. Who is Nic Naitanui’s partner?

Nic Naitanui is in a loving relationship with his partner, Brittany Brown. The couple got engaged in August 2022 and has welcomed their first child together.

5. What is Nic Naitanui’s family heritage?

Nic Naitanui’s family originated from the Suvavou village of Suva, Fiji. His parents migrated to Australia, and he and his twin brother were raised by their mother in Perth, Western Australia.

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