Who is Sarah Gregorius Dating? Partner and Relationship

In the world of sports, some athletes shine not only for their accomplishments on the field but also for the mystery that surrounds their personal lives. Sarah Gregorius, a renowned footballer from New Zealand, is one such figure.

With a successful career that spans international matches and academic achievements, Gregorius remains an enigmatic personality when it comes to her dating history and relationships. Let’s dive into the intriguing story of Sarah Gregorius, from her professional journey to the puzzle of her private life.

Unveiling Sarah Gregorius’s Remarkable Career

1. A Footballer’s Journey

Sarah Gregorius, a celebrated footballer hailing from New Zealand, has left an indelible mark on the international stage. Born on August 6, 1987, Gregorius’s journey in football has been nothing short of remarkable.

2. A Stellar Resume

Throughout her illustrious career, Gregorius has donned the jerseys of various teams, including her current role at AFC Amsterdam since August 2021. Her achievements extend beyond the field, as she holds a master’s degree from Massey University. Her academic pursuits led her to explore cultural distance in female footballers through her thesis.

3. A Scorer on the International Stage

Sarah Gregorius’s proficiency in football transcends borders. Representing New Zealand on the world stage, she has notched numerous international goals, showcasing her prowess as a goal scorer.

4. Accolades and Recognition

Gregorius’s talent and dedication have garnered her accolades, such as her inclusion in the IFFHS OFC Woman Team of the Decade 2011-2020. Her contributions to football have left an enduring impact.

Sarah Gregorius’s Enigmatic Personal Life

5. The Question of Sarah Gregorius’s Partner

While Sarah Gregorius has dazzled on the football pitch, her personal life remains shrouded in mystery. As a former New Zealand Fern, Gregorius’s career achievements are well-documented. However, her relationship status has continuously been a subject of speculation.

6. A Private Persona

Despite the public’s curiosity, Gregorius has chosen to keep her relationship status out of the limelight. Her social media presence, including platforms like Instagram and Linkedin, has not offered any insight into her dating life or her partner.

7. Focused on Impact

Beyond her prowess as a footballer, Gregorius’s commitment to effecting change in the sports world is notable. She has been actively involved in FIFPRO, the global player’s union, contributing to policy and strategy development for a more equitable professional industry.

The Story of a Dedicated Athlete

8. A Lifelong Focus

Gregorius’s dedication to her career is evident. Her focus on football and academic pursuits, such as her master’s degree from Massey University, showcases her determination to excel in various aspects of her life.

9. A Mysterious Love Story

As Gregorius’s personal life remains private, speculation about her relationship history continues. Despite her accomplishments and achievements, her dating history remains unexplored, leaving room for curiosity.



Sarah Gregorius’s journey is a tapestry woven with dedication, excellence, and a touch of mystery. From her triumphant moments on the football field to her academic pursuits, she has showcased her versatility. While her professional achievements are celebrated, her personal life remains hidden, a testament to her desire for privacy. Just as she conquers opponents on the field, Gregorius’s enigmatic personal life adds another layer to her intriguing story.


1. What is Sarah Gregorius known for?

Sarah Gregorius is a celebrated footballer from New Zealand known for her international representation and goal-scoring prowess.

2. Has Sarah Gregorius earned any accolades?

Yes, she has been named to the IFFHS OFC Woman Team of the Decade 2011-2020, recognizing her contributions to football.

3. What is known about Sarah Gregorius’s relationship status?

Despite public curiosity, Sarah Gregorius has chosen to keep her relationship status private and has not shared any information about her partner.

4. What role does Sarah Gregorius play in FIFPRO?

Sarah Gregorius is actively involved in FIFPRO, contributing to policy and strategy development for a more equitable professional sports industry.

5. What has Sarah Gregorius focused on beyond her football career?

In addition to her football career, Sarah Gregorius pursued academic excellence, earning a master’s degree from Massey University and exploring cultural distance in female footballers through her thesis.

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