UFC Who Is Chris Weidman Wife, Marivi Weidman?

In the realm of UFC, Chris Weidman stands tall as a well-known name, celebrated for his remarkable fighting prowess and unwavering commitment to his craft. However, beyond the octagon’s spotlight, a vital force has been his constant companion – a strong and resilient support system that has been an integral part of his journey.

A Love That Endured: Marivi Weidman’s Role

1. The Backbone from High School Days

At the core of Chris Weidman’s success story is his wife and pillar of strength, Marivi Weidman. Their bond traces back to their high school days, where they first crossed paths and embarked on a journey of love and companionship in 2001.

2. A Steadfast Presence Through Thick and Thin

Through the years, Marivi’s steadfast support has been a cornerstone of Chris’s career. From his earliest days as a wrestler to his remarkable rise as an MMA champion, Marivi has stood by him with unwavering dedication.

A Look into Marivi Weidman’s Identity

3. Marivi Weidman: Formerly Marivi Caban

Marivi Weidman, once Marivi Caban, entered Chris’s life during their high school years. This early connection laid the foundation for a partnership that has endured and thrived over the years.

4. A Love That Transcends Time

Starting as high school sweethearts in 2001, Chris and Marivi have traversed the challenges of time hand in hand. Their love story has blossomed through the seasons of life.

A Journey Through Marriage and Beyond

5. Tying the Knot

In 2009, after a remarkable eight years of dating, Chris and Marivi took their love to the next level and exchanged vows. This marked the beginning of a new chapter, solidifying their commitment to each other.

6. Love in the Limelight

Throughout their marriage, Chris has been vocal about his gratitude for Marivi’s constant presence in his life. Her unwavering support has played a crucial role in helping him remain grounded amidst the pressures of his career.

A Supportive Presence Rings True

7. Ringside Support

Marivi Weidman’s support is not confined to mere words. She stands at Chris’s corner during his fights, an unwavering presence in the audience. Her joy during his victories and unwavering support during his defeats are a testament to her dedication.

8. Sharing the Journey

On social media platforms, Marivi gives insight into Chris’s training and competition schedules, showcasing her pride in his achievements. Her involvement amplifies the power of their partnership.

Family First: The Weidman Legacy

9. Expanding the Family

Since their union in 2009, the Weidman family has expanded. Three beautiful children – Cassidy, CJ, and Colten – have become the center of their world.

10. Parenting in Unison

As dedicated parents, Chris and Marivi prioritize quality time with their children. Their commitment to nurturing a loving environment underscores their deep-rooted values.


Embracing Change and Growth

11. A Bold Move

In 2020, the Weidman family made a monumental move from New York to South Carolina. This shift marked a new chapter in their lives, symbolizing their adaptability and resilience.

12. Family Amidst Demands

Despite their demanding careers, Chris and Marivi prioritize their family’s well-being. Their ability to balance their professional and personal lives exemplifies their unwavering dedication.


Chris Weidman’s journey in the UFC has been illuminated by his extraordinary fighting skills and relentless determination. But standing beside him, strong and unyielding, is Marivi Weidman, his wife and steadfast support. Her unwavering presence has been a driving force throughout his career, embodying the essence of partnership and unwavering love. Together, they’ve forged a legacy that extends beyond the octagon, inspiring all those who witness their journey.


1. How did Chris Weidman and Marivi meet?

Chris Weidman and Marivi met during their high school years, forging a connection that has endured through time.

2. When did Chris and Marivi get married?

After eight years of dating, Chris and Marivi got married in 2009, marking a significant milestone in their journey together.

3. How many children do Chris and Marivi have?

Chris and Marivi have three children: Cassidy, CJ, and Colten, who bring joy and warmth to their family.

4. What role does Marivi play in Chris’s career?

Marivi’s role in Chris’s career is pivotal. She provides unwavering support, standing ringside during his fights and sharing his achievements on social media.

5. How did the Weidman family handle their move to South Carolina?

The Weidman family embraced change by moving from New York to South Carolina in 2020, demonstrating their adaptability and commitment to growth.

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